Local News – Supervalue Raheny – Plastic Deposit in shop

Solving the overwhelming amount of plastic waste in our environment requires both action from manufacturers of products and inclusion and delivery in Governmental environmental policy.

From a local perspective, it’s a welcome addition to see that Supervalue in Raheny has joined in with other supermarkets in the local area by giving customers the option of depositing their plastics in the shop before they leave.


Plastic Deposit in Supervalue Raheny Shop. Dublin, Ireland. 

So what does this really does this achieve ?

The responsibility will now be on Supervalue to dispose of this rubbish correctly. Hopefully this will reduce potential litter in our environment and in the village of Raheny and even the Dollymount beach and St Anne’s Park areas.

The flimsy plastic packaging around fruits and vegetables constantly blows out of wheelie bins and often becomes tangled in gardens and hedgerows. Some of it even ends up on Dollymount beach ! If this packaging could be completely eliminated that would be the ideal result. 

This is by no means a revolutionary step towards elimination, but it’s a start and that must be recongnised.

Supervalue Raheny Plastic deposit

It must also be mentioned that Nolan’s in Clontarf (Dublin) has adopted a sustainable policy in it’s business to reduce plastics in its store.

If you wish to contribute a story about an environmental initiative or practice in the North Dublin area please contact us here. Also if you wish to become involved in the Bull Island Action Group here is some information.








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