2019 – June 15th beach clean-up on Dollymount beach

Saturday 15 June 201975 Volunteers attended our June 15th weekend beach clean-up on Dollymount beach. The weather was a windy, sunny, and rainy morning in Dublin City. Volunteer numbers are on the increase as the summer season begins on Dollymount Strand.

This week we targeted the rocks along the Bull Wall, and also beach area and dunes. Our volunteers removed a large amount of plastics and bottles stuck in rocks just after the Wooden Bridge.


Rubbish removed from the rocks after the Wooden Bridge on Dollymount Beach – June 2019.

On a positive note, the beach and the dune area has never looked better ! Our work is by no means complete, but it shows how effective sustained beach cleaning can be to an important nature reserve such as Dollymount Beach.


Young beach cleaner helping out in the dune area of Dollymount Beach – June 2019.

One of our volunteers has also set a record for the oldest crisp packet cleaned on Dollymount Beach. See photo below and note the expiration date on the packet! . This proves just how long plastics are remaining in our environment. It also highlights the importance of removing them from our nature reserves and beaches.


Hula Hoops crisp packet removed from the dunes on our June 2019 beach clean. Note the expiration date on the package – 29/08/1986.

Join our next Beach Cleanup !

Our next beach cleanup on Dollymount is Saturday July 20th 2019. If you want to get involved or volunteer with the Bull Island Action Group see here or Contact Us to find out more.

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