Irish Teenager Wins Global Science Award and Plastics on Dollymount Beach

The Bull Island Action Group are delighted to read this news this morning.

AN IRISH TEENAGER has won an international science award for his project which removed micro plastics from water.

At our monthly beach clean ups, we regularly come across huge amounts of plastic pieces on the beach, the coastline and in the UNESCO heritage area of the Dublin Bay Biosphere. Picking up these small plastic pieces is no easy task. Theses pieces are so small and fragmented that our volunteers must pick them up by hand. A litter picker cannot be used, and it can take hours to gather just a few hundred pieces. 

Cotton Buds on beach Ireland

Cotton Buds on Dollymount Beach

Plastic pieces are everywhere along the beach and the coastline on Bull Island. They get caught up in the vegetation in the Dublin Bay Biosphere and are often ingested by birds, fish and now also the native Seals on Bull Island.

Micro plastics are unfortunately even smaller pieces of plastic. They are impossible to remove without some type of filtration system. 

Micro Plastics on Dublin beach

Pieces of plastics on Dollymount Beach in April 2019

Bull Island action Group volunteers often target the Biosphere area alongside the coastline to try to limit the amount of plastics that enter the UNESCO protected Biosphere area. The more volunteers we have the more attention we can give to removing these plastic pieces from the Biosphere area

Micro plastics

Plastics collected at the coastline of the Dublin Bay Biosphere

So, how can you join in the fight against plastic litter on beaches ? 


Our next beach clean up on Dollymount is Saturday August 17th 2019. If you want to get involved or volunteer with the Bull Island Action Group see here or Contact Us to find out more.

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