2019 – Sept 21st beach clean-up on Dollymount beach

Saturday 21st Sept 2019 – A tremendous turnout for our Sept 2019 beach clean up. Over 100 volunteers showed up including a team from Paypal Ireland.

Last week we targeted the heavily littered area of biosphere area along the Bull Island Coastline. The Biosphere area along Bull Island is one of the Island’s most vulnerable locations.

In 1981 UNESCO designated the North bull Island as a biosphere area. The biosphere is home to many species of wildlife and it also supports important habitats for wildlife. 

Litter in Dublin bay Biosphere

Plastics collected  on our September clean up along the Biosphere

The biosphere area is now heavily polluted with plastics. Our volunteers took out over twenty bags of plastic rubbish in under 2 hours in the area. From the cycle path the area seems clean, but under the vegetation lies huge amounts of plastics and broken plastic fragments.

See videos below from volunteers who recently cleaned the biosphere area.

The whole coastal area of the biosphere is also covered in plastic fragments. These fragments are putting a huge number of birds and creatures at risk of plastic ingestion. 

Plastics in Dublin Bay Biosphere

An old Superquinn shopping bag buried in the soil on the Biosphere area on Bull Island Action Group.

Immediate action is needed to address this plastic contamination of a vulnerable Eco system. The Bull Island Action Group will focus efforts on engaging relevant stakeholders to address the issue of plastic contamination on the biosphere.

Join our next Beach Cleanup !

Our next beach clean up on Dollymount is Saturday Oct 19th 2019. If you want to get involved or volunteer with the Bull Island Action Group see here or Contact Us to find out more.

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