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Dollymount beach cleanup 1

What do you do ?

We clean up Bull Island beach (Dollymount) on Dublin’s North shore coastline. We also clean Bull Island’s surrounding coast area opposite Clontarf Strand and St Anne’s Park in Raheny. We collect litter and Dublin City council take it away. We make sure to target different areas of the beach and coastline each month to ensure it stays clean for the wildlife who called Bull Island nature reserve home.

Who should get involved ?

Volunteers are key to the successes of our clean ups. Without volunteers this activism is not possible. It’s easy to get involved and make a difference ! Joining just 1 clean up a year can make a difference. We have a laid-back policy when it comes to involvement. You simply turn up, collect some litter with the materials we provide, sign out, and enjoy the rest of your weekend! If you wish to get involved more regularly that’s also possible by simply contacting us here

When ?

See here for our next clean up on Dollymount Beach. 


Plastic litter embedded in the sand on Dollymount Beach in 2018.

Why ?

Dollymount beach is neglected. It’s neglected in terms of water quality and management of its biosphere. The whole beach area is teeming with wildlife and it’s now also home to a Seal Sanctuary. For this to continue, we must ensure that the beach and the rubbish that pollutes the home of this wildlife are cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, the state does not invest in maintaining the beach, so it’s up to local community groups like ourselves to fill this shortfall.

Protecting the wildlife sanctuary and the biosphere from plastic pollution is one of our core goals. We also keep the beach clean out of a sense of civic duty. Many of our volunteers are local people who have fond memories of the beach and wish to see it continue as a place of natural beauty in our locality.


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